Welcome to the product page for my new digital guide called Legal Research for Non-Lawyers!

Technology has changed a lot of things and the law is no exception. It used to be that you had to have an expensive subscription to a service like Westlaw or Lexis to do legal research. However, with the advent of Google, you can now do reasonably decent legal research for free with Google Scholar online.

This is intended to be a guide to help you jump start your own legal education on legal research. Like anything else, you will need to practice legal research until you get comfortable with it. There is no test you can take to demonstrate that you did it “right.” It can be a little daunting at first.

Much of my work as a paralegal is educating laypersons about the law. We all know that our legal system is deeply flawed, and it’s failing Americans. It is my hope that this guide helps put this information into more people’s hands that can use it.

I don’t cover how to look up cases using books (called reporters) because I don’t know of anyone who still uses reporters in a law library. Also, there is a very good free resource, Google Scholar, that is available to everyone online that is a good substitute for the more expensive subscription services used by law firms.

Note that this book also does not cover legal writing or citations. There are plenty of good resources already written about these topics. Also, most people who read this book aren’t going to be writing motions and briefs.

This book is meant to be a simplified guide for non-lawyers who want to understand how to research legal issues without going to law school or taking a class. It’s not intended to be an exhaustive guide to legal research.

If you would prefer additional coaching with legal research, Desert Edge Legal Services can help! I hope you’ll consider using our services for your legal research and other projects. Contact me at Christine@DesertEdgeLegal.com and I’ll apply the cost of your purchase of this book to any service package we offer.

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