How to Set Up an Arizona Limited Liability Company

Step by step instructions on setting up your LLC in Arizona.

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My name is Christine Springer, and this is the product page for my NEW digital product, How to Set Up an Arizona Limited Liability Company!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm excited to be publishing a new e-book in 2020!

How to Set Up Your Arizona Limited Liability Company is a brand new product and is specifically tailored to the State of Arizona's LLC creation process.

I formed my first LLC in 2007 for my very own business, Desert Edge Legal Services, LLC. Since then, I've helped individuals and business owners create hundreds of legal entities, with the LLC being the most popular.

I've also set up corporations, non-profit corporations partnerships, limited liability companies and professional limited liability companies. The LLC is easily the most popular because of its simplified management structure, ease of administration and inexpensive asset protection.

It costs just $50 to create an LLC in Arizona, and there are no annual fees or reports to file with o the State of Arizona to keep your LLC in good standing.

I'm a paralegal and this guide is written from a paralegal perspective. It's packed with details, so you'll know exactly where to go and what to do. It can be super confusing to navigate all the advice on the internet. Why not trust someone who has hands on experience forming hundreds of LLCs in Arizona?

(That's me, Christine!)

My clients always tell me they'd rather hire a paralegal because they know we do most of the work (ha ha)! We are usually responsible for coordination and execution of details. This 44 page eBook is packed with details that laypersons will find very useful when attempting to create an LLC.

This book includes a section on how you can avoid choosing the same business name and branding concepts as another business. It includes detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to file your Articles of Organization online AND how to file using paper documentation.

This book tells you where to park at the Arizona Corporation Commission, what to expect at the filing window and what payment types are accepted both filing procedures.

I tell you how to minimize publication costs (if you have to publish at all), discuss the importance of an Operating Agreement for multi-member LLCs (and why I don't draft them for clients!) and walk you through the Employer Identification Number application process, step by step.

Perhaps the best part is that the guide also includes templates in Word that you can use for your own Corporate Record Book (if you want one), including a Table of Contents that show you what I put in the Corporate Record Books of my clients, a template for your Initial Organization Minutes and Resolutions and a template for your Annual Minutes and Resolutions that you can use every year, and why I think you should use them.

I charge my clients $150 per year to update their annual Minutes and Resolutions, and they are yours free when you purchase this eBook.

This book is a steal at this price! Get your copy now!

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Additional Details:

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS! Please read! Once you have made payment you will be directed to the download page to download your product. Don't close that window! Be sure to download the file to your computer and save it somewhere where you'll be able to locate it later.

Christine Springer and Desert Edge Legal Services are not attorneys and this product is not intended to be legal or financial advice. Please consult with an attorney or your financial advisor about your individual situation. This guide is not intended to cover every aspect of LLCs, only the formation process of an LLC.

Desert Edge Legal Services processes payments using Paypal. We do not accept eChecks. eCheck orders will be cancelled. You don't need a Paypal account to purchase our products, and we never see any of your payment details.

IMPORTANT! Remember to save the product to your computer desktop or somewhere else where you know where to find it!

You will need to download Adobe Acrobat to open, read and print this product.

Christine Springer

Published 3 years ago