Foreclosure Defense Strategy Sessions

By Christine E. Springer

I've just added a new service: Foreclosure Defense Strategy Sessions!

This is really the best place to start for most people. It's inexpensive and will give you clarity about how to move forward. They are $25 per half hour. These sessions are also good if you have follow up questions after the audit or if you just need to bounce some ideas off someone.

This also ensures I get paid fairly for my time answering questions for homeowners.

It can be confusing, scary and expensive to hire the wrong people for help.

Also, I typically apply your first $25 fee to the price of an audit if you decide to get an audit after our session.

Remember, I cannot give you legal advice. Think of these as mini-foreclosure defense coaching sessions. You don't need to figure all this stuff out of your own.

Click the Buy Now button to pay for your session. As soon as I receive your payment, I will contact you at the e-mail you used for the payment to schedule a phone meeting.