A Practical Couponing Guide for Real People

Welcome to the product page for my brand new eBook on couponing! You may be wondering why on earth I am publishing a book about coupons. Well, I'm glad you

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Welcome to the product page for my brand new eBook on couponing!

You may be wondering why on earth I am publishing a book about coupons. Well, I'm glad you asked! I'm an entrepreneur with multiple interests. My first love is the law and I've been a paralegal for over twenty years. Paralegals are by nature problem solvers and coordinators and that naturally spills over into other areas of my life.

In 2010 I saw the television show about extreme couponing, and it was intriguing. It was a slow period in my legal business and I was looking for something else to do in that period of time.

I am by nature a didactic learner, which is another term for someone who figures things out of their own. Also, there weren't a lot of people teaching others how to extreme coupon at the time anyway. My plan was to figure it out.

You may know that I created an investigative process for determining whether a bank has standing to foreclose. Couponing seemed to me like an extension of that work but without the high stakes.

My stepmother was the original extreme couponer. She clipped coupons every week, even after us kids got older and my parents had more money. As such, I don't have all those negative beliefs about coupons.

There are a lot of people who think using coupons makes you look cheap or that it somehow affirms that you cannot afford to pay for your stuff. Yet, my family continued to prosper even though we clipped coupons.

Beyond that, there are a lot of people who are struggling right now and this information could be very helpful to them. Worrying about what other people think about your use of coupons is silly if you are struggling.

There are some other myths about coupons that are false too, such as there are no good coupons for healthy food or that it's pointless to use coupons if you lead a healthy lifestyle.

I went Paleo in 2011 and I was able to modify my coupon strategy to be able to purchase the healthy foods on my eating plan. Today, in 2020, most stores have created programs selling healthy foods, including organic food, and offer coupons for their store brands. It doesn't matter what kind of eating plan you are on, you can still use coupons to save money.

One last myth: there's no point in couponing if you are single or don't have kids. This is also completely false! Even if you are single with no kids, couponing will still benefit you. And if you have four legged furry kids, you can coupon to save money on pet food and accessories.

If nothing else, spending less money on household goods, like toilet paper and paper towels, will create more room in your budget for whatever you want to spend money on.

I learned to coupon in 2010 and I have been using the strategies in this book for ten years now. They continue to pay dividends. I no longer worry about keeping my pantry full of good food that I love. I'm no stranger to the ups and downs of business, and my stockpile has gotten me through some very lean times and some major business disruptions.

This book will help you too! Buy now for just $4.99!

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Published 4 years ago